We at Vertafield are on a mission to light up every home and business space; we you rather join us or be left behind!

The vertafield advantage

“It’s not by Grammar or Drama, it’s all about Power and Performance.”



Inverter Supply & Installation

Our inverter is a versatile electric inverter that provides electrical energy into individual homes, flats, shops and business offices.

Inverter & Solar Supply and Installation

Our exclusive combo of both Inverter and Solar powered panel is a great addition to any residential apartment or official workplace.

family deserves the very best

To engage the use of cut edge technology to provide renewable energy and electrical needs to over 1 million families in the next 10 years.


With over 12 years industrial experience in the Nation’s energy sector, our dedicated administration and staffs are poised and positioned to deliver the best products and services to our diverse range of clients and customers.